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For most modern people music is just fun and spending of leasure time. We have never shared this point of view. Music is much more than catchy rhythms for those who want to have some fun or rough tool for ideological propaganda.

Art is a melting pot, the crucible, where boils all contradictions. In this chaos the author’s individuality mass unconscious and ancient archetypes absorb each other and give birth to a new, strange, unknown, great.

Not all things in art is said to us, lazy and gorged ones want to believe in opposite though. We are engaged in music and poetry, and remain faithful to their true purpose. Art literally requires sacrifices, and we bring them to it.

There is a lot of intension in our songs, we try to look round the existence in all its totality and symbolically comprehend it. While existentialist writers reflect on the man and the world in a philosophical way, we do it in a poetic and sensual.

Of course, we do not shun fun and humour. We like funny songs, but we don’t want to make only that kind of stuff. Although we try to separate one from another — everything in its place — sometimes it’s very difficult to draw the line between fun and serious. But this game is in our taste: joy is intertwined with grief, all as in life.


The band Exitland got its name on may 23, 2012.
The authors of the musical project - Dmitry Horov (also known as Melnar or M.T.) and Eruialath.
Prior to their decision to join forces, they gave solo acoustic concerts (and are not going to give it up now).
In the Exitland's music its founders have decided to avoid the cliches and not tied to any particular style, so there you can find the influence of many styles, from pop-rock and electronics to death metal.
Now the band recorded their debut album and 4 singles. We're going to find people for live shows and do other interesting things!


Melnar - music, lyrics, vocals;
Eruialath - lyrics, music, vocals.
Also participated: Anastasia "Doctor" Kurtova - vocals.

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Dmitry Horov's solo acoustic project:
Eruialath's solo acoustic project:
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Melnar's albums and poetry:
Valley of the Withered River (2007)
Merry songs and verses (2007)
Shout, O Israel (2009)
Eruialath's albums:

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