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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Wreath of Doubts — debut album of the Exitland

Exitland is happy to present the Wreath of Doubts, our debut album.

Free download here: Dropbox and torrents: RuTracker.

We are willing and happy to share our music with the world! Please feel free to spread the word and share the link to the album! Let your friends, colleagues, neighbors, drinking buddies and loved ones to enjoy our music! 

As independent musicians we have the only way to share our creations with others: through our audience. We count on you! 

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It will be even cooler if after downloading the album you will also buy it. Of course, it is not compulsory, but it will make us absolutely happy!

Listen online here: BandcampSoundCloud, Yandex.Music, Vk, YouTube

Our key group members would like to say a few words about our creation:

We are about to release the Wreath of Doubts, Exitland’s debut album. Our album.
First of all, I would like to thank the people who took part in this work. They are:
me (Melnar), Eruialath, Anastasia Kurtova aka Doctor and our English language consultants – Gulnara Minnigaleeva, Anna Smolina, Nikolai Afonin (Canada), Diego Bonometti (Miami).

I made all arrangements in this album and I wrote most of the music and lyrics.  Some songs (melody, lyrics, vocals) are Eruialat’s, and we worked on most of our texts together polishing them. I would like to thank Nastya aka Doctor who did all female vocals.
We did all this on a totally non-commercial basis, spent our time and our efforts.

Working on Wreath of Doubt was a really lengthy and challenging task.
I started writing some tracks (e.g, Handful) as long as four years before the album was complete. But the main part of the work was done during the two years before the release.
During this time moved to another, then I divorced and got married again (and then broke up again), and thoroughly reconsidered my views… I’ve been to hospital, was operated on, and finally turned out to be on trial for “participating in unauthorised picketing” and talked to journalists, but not about my music.

The number of tracks and the duration (over seventy minutes) is enough for two albums. But we still decided to make it one. And we have also left apart some of the recorded materials. We will probably return to them later on.

This album was influenced by personal emotions, feelings, my thoughts about religion, the social and political events in Russia. The subconscious images, both sordid and light, looking for the meaning of things, the experiences, denial and confidence, readiness to accept one’s destiny – all this had an impact on our music and the more so, in the lyrics.

I worked in an office for a couple of years, and as I live modestly, at the end I was able to save up some money. Then I stopped working there and could live on what I earned and do only music. But it so happened that part of this money was spent on the doctors after, because I was ill. That’s why the money ended up earlier than I would have wanted it to, but I decided to go on with what I was doing. And of course there were people who believed in me and supported me and who played a major role in this project. But for them, I don’t think I would be able to manage it.

In my opinion, this album is very different in music and mood. We argued with Eruialat about what the final order of tracks. To really feel the Wreath of Doubt through, you will need to listen to it again and again. But everything that is in there is sincere, and comes from the blood, from the heart, the mind and the will.

The way to this album wasn’t an easy one, and but for my friends, I would never be able to do it.
These people encouraged me, believed in me, gave me a helping hand when I needed it, were moved by what I was doing and showed their interest. In a word, they have been (and I hope will be) very good friends of mine.
This is why I would like to thank all these people. Acknowledgements:

Christina Kozyreva and all her family; Anna Belova and all her family; Nadezhda, my aunt; Ilya, my brother and his wife Olga; Alexander "Hoha" and his wife Katya; Kirill "Obhodchik"; Pjotr "Kender"; Ekaterina "Erve" and her husband Alexey; Roma "Fenrir" and his wife Irina " Rena"; Denis "Uglurk"; Jura "Raistlin"; Masha Serzhantova, her husband Victor and sister Anya; Natalia "Lomiel"; Jura "Surt" and his wife Nastya "Keldi"; Ksenija Mill'; Aleksandr Bulatov; Petr "Piton", his wife Masha and brother "Pushistyj"; Sergej "Veter"; Aljona "Tava"; Aleksej "Gnome"; Sergej "Ostin" and his wife Anna; Anton "Troll'", Aleksandr "Mamont" and his wife Katya; Ilyja "Avaron" and "Triss"; Vitja "Los'"; Anton "Toni" Didenko; Vova Berhin; Anna Sadovaja; Kirill "Alter12"; Tanja Kutko; Aleksej Gul'manov; Vasja "Vohilem"; Anton Kljukin and his wife Sasha; Petr Nefjodov and his wife Nadya; Kolja "Misima"; Anton "Vir" Kondrashev; Marina Poz; Inna "Ines" Tregubova; "Yoka" and her husband; Anton Smirnov; Stjopa Solovej; Andrej Kursov; Katja Mamonova; Dmitrij Solov'jov; Jurij Rasterjaev; Aleksandr Solokov; Andrej Generalov; Sasha Chernyh; Nastja Honjak; Julija Lesnjak; Sergej Minaev (not one who is a musician, and not one who is a businessman, but ours); Alla, Il'ja i Ol'ga Tarabriny; Timur i Anna Rahimberdievy; Anna "Kaktus" from St. Petersburg; "Polkovnik", "Darken", "Aaz", Mihail Plotkin and their whole company; Nadezhda Krjukova; Il'ja Tuchin; Aleksej Kozlov and Irina Kireeva; Natal'ja "Vzhika"; Tujara Mestnikova and her friend "Alex"; Mihail, Ekaterina and Anastasija Makarova and many more others… Thank you so much!!!

Creating songs is like a quest through unknown lands for the thing you’ve never seen. It doesn’t matter if you are sophisticated in notes and words (and computers also) — you recognize it when you see it, not earlier. Our album is a trail between great and menacing things, a spiritual journey. I hope you will find something for yourself while listening to it.

I wish to thank the following people who help me, support me and inspire me in my musical activity:
my parents and sister, Nikolay Nikolayevich, Alexey, Nick, Alexey Bykov, Denis, Brodda, Alexandr Chernyh, Fenrir, Slonik, Franciscus Assisiensis, Buhlovsky, Solo, Jam, Uglurk, Tenka, Neo, Arcanon, Airen, Dain, Dracat, Padla, Surt, all my friends who listen and criticize.

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