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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Same.

As we promised, today we release our first single!
It is called «The Same».

We thank all those people who supported us!
We also thank Lars Stenberg (Sweden) for agreeing to give us a photo for the cover (he is the owner and photographer, we took photo with his permission).

«The same» is a three track single. There is only one song, and each track is its version.
We like this song very much and hope that we have conveyed the right atmosphere.

As we said — a link to download free mp3-s with this music was sent to all who have left us an email. For the rest listeners our music always will be available online on our website and social networks (Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Youtube etc.)
In any case, we think that soon it will appear on torrent trackers and similar sites =)

We welcome your voluntary donation (look at the right side of our site)!
If you want to buy music in lossless quality — you can do it here.

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